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Diet Food Doesn't Have to be Bland

Diet Food Doesn't Have to be Bland

People have a hard time sticking to diets. The reasons are many but the number one reason is the food. People get bored with eating the same diet food day after day. Some diets are very strict when it comes to what types of food you can eat. You may have to eat fish seven times a week and eat four salads a day. That's great diet food but who wants to eat the exact same thing every day? Even your favorite food will become your worse nightmare if you're forced to eat it every single day.

The solution to making diet food palatable is to experiment with different tastes. Most foods are made from a limited amount of ingredients anyway. The difference is in how they're prepared. So diet food that you prepare yourself doesn't have to be boring. All you need is a low–fat recipe book, some spices, and a willingness to try something new.

You need more than ingredients to create a good meal. A great cook can take any ingredient and make a great meal. While a bad cook can have great ingredients, and still make a terrible meal. The secret is to learn how to mix everything together to create something terrific. So when you're preparing your diet food, you should make an effort to make it taste good. Don't just cook something and hope for the best.

Here are a few ways to dress up your diet food:

Add spices and herbs. If salt and pepper are the only seasonings in your cabinet, then you need to go shopping. One of the best ways to spice up bland diet food is with spices and herbs. Instead of always using salt and pepper, try something new. Instead of salt and pepper, try a few sprinkles of lemon pepper salt. Or sprinkle parsley and minced onions over your chicken while it's cooking. Spices and herbs are relatively cheap, so you can experiment with a bunch to find your likes and dislikes.

Marinate your meat. Most people cook meat without any special preparations. This is a sure way to end up with a boring meal. Vinaigrettes and marinades are great for use with diet food. They're low in fat, low in calories, and taste great. In addition to using vinaigrettes and marinades for meats, they can also be used with vegetables. Fresh salad is popular diet food, but it can be boring. Instead of trying to get more taste by adding a fattening dressing, opt for a tasty, low–fat vinaigrette instead.

Use Soy Sauce. Regular soy sauce is high in sodium, but reduced-sodium soy sauce is great for diet food. It can be added to meat, salad, and just about anything to get a different taste. Soy sauce also comes in different flavors.

Mix Your Fruit and Vegetables. Most people never think to mix fruit and vegetables together. But fruit and green vegetables make a tasty salad. This is one diet food that you shouldn't mind eating every day. You can even alternate the types of fruits and vegetables you include in the salad.

If none of those suggestions appeals to you, then you may want to get a bunch of diet food cookbooks. Simply pick and choose which diet food recipes you want to try.

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