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Different types of exercises. Tone your body or build muscles

 Different types of exercises 
Tone your body or build muscles

Riding bike counts once you have decided to get some physical activity and work your muscles, you will be surprised at the many different types of exercises that are there. All help you to shed those extra kilos and tone your body.

Most gyms and sports centres run many different exercise classes to cater to every level of fitness. It is however recommended that you seek your doctor's advice before you embark on any fitness program.

There are a plethora of exercises to choose from. You can indulge in a range of aerobic as well as anaerobic exercises to keep yourself fit and healthy. Aerobic exercises refer to those that work for almost every muscle group. These exercises are done with moderate intensity and can be done for a good length of time at a stretch.

Some of the popular aerobic exercises are Rollerblading, Dancing, Basketball, Skateboarding, Bicycling, Ice skating, Hockey, Karate, Jogging, Soccer, Rowing, Tennis, Brisk Walking, Swimming, and Netball.

Aerobic exercises are great to tone your muscles, burn calories and increase your heart rate. These are usually accompanied by dance music that helps to coordinate. Step classes are also a great way to burn calories. It involves exercising by going up and down a plastic step. This allows you to burn the fat in the lower portion of your body. Aerobic exercises generally involve exercising in a group. This not only keeps the motivation high but is also fun to indulge in.

Anaerobic exercises build muscles anaerobic exercises are those that require muscular effort. These help to build the muscles of your body and also make you feel strong. Anaerobic exercises tire your muscles and are slow and difficult to do. This is because the muscles do not take in good amounts of oxygen while exercising in such a manner. This prevents the muscles to take away the bi-products of the exercises.

This in turn does not allow the exercises to be sustained for longer periods. Some of the anaerobic exercises to help you be strong and sturdy are: Push-ups, Rowing, Tug-of-war, Pull-ups, Squats, and Sit-ups. These help you to focus on different muscles of the body and build those. These also hold the joints together and protect you from any injuries.

Exercises help you to feel good about yourself. It can give you the much-deserved break from routine life and bring about a change in your lifestyle. A good workout always leaves you on a high. When you get exercise regularly gives a big boost to energy levels and also helps to improve your mood. As you build up your muscles, you will become more active and will get more out of life.

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