How I Improved My Baby Step Your Exercise and Nutrition Plan on your way To Successful Weight Loss In One Easy Lesson | Create Healthy Teams

How I Improved My Baby Step Your Exercise and Nutrition Plan on your way To Successful Weight Loss In One Easy Lesson

How I Improved My Baby Step Your Exercise and Nutrition Plan on your way To Successful Weight Loss In One Easy Lesson

Somebody said a long time ago that “if something were easy to do, then it would have already been done.” I would like to modify this statement so that it matches more closely with your weight loss exercise routine."If something was simple to accomplish, everyone would do it," I'd prefer it say.

Ok, so I am sure someone has made that statement somewhere along the lines in history. Although off the top of my head I can not think of who that person might be. Nevertheless, it rings true especially when it comes to weight loss. Being determined and staying focused when it comes to losing all of those extra pounds you might have put on is never easy. But think of it in these terms, you did not put those pounds on in one night and chances are you are not going to lose them in one night either. In order to lose that extra weight that you are carrying you are going to need a little discipline and determination to go along with the other factors that I will get into in a minute. You need to keep telling yourself that you can do it, that you can lose this weight, and that when you hit your goal weight you are going to look and feel good. That is always easier said than done, but it is 100% true. You need to keep telling yourself that. This is a good way to get self-motivated. By itself though it may not be enough for many people. In the movie “What about Bob?”, The character played by Bill Murray suffers from a compulsive illness. He goes to see someone that can help him, a doctor played by Richard Dreyfuss. In the movie, Dreyfuss hands Murray a book called “Baby Steps.” The concept is to take it, whatever “it” is, a small piece at a time. The same holds true for your weight loss routine. Look at your weight loss goals in baby steps. For instance, do not think of it as if you need to lose 50 pounds. Instead, you need to lose 1 pound each week. Do not look at your nutrition program as, “oh man I have to eat 6 times a day every day for the rest of my life?” Break that down into “baby steps” and say to yourself, “ok I need to prepare 6 meals for today each consisting of an equal portion of protein, carbohydrates, and green veggies.” When you break down the overall goal, which at times may seem insurmountable, into bite-size pieces, the end goal becomes more realistic because you are not overwhelming yourself with tasks that are not at hand yet. You see in our example above you begin by focusing on your entire life of eating right and that is a very long time to think about. We solve that by saying, only focus on the day at hand. When you succeed at that for that day, give yourself a gold star for accomplishment, and then think of each successive day you do this as a big achievement. As you continue this process you will not even realize that you are moving towards your goal which just moments ago seemed unfathomable. Now that you know how to break your weight loss program down into bite-sized chunks, you actually need to know what to do, when to do it, and so on. For your weight loss exercise routine, you should work out with weights 3 days per week for no less than 20 minutes. Thirty to forty-five is ideal, but if twenty is all you can do then that is fine. What matters is that you really do it. Your nutrition program should consist of 6 meals every day or one meal every two and a half to three hours. Each meal should consist of equal portions of protein, carbohydrates, and green vegetables with a portion size being the same size as your clenched first. Add in cardio for twenty minutes per day for three days during the week and your program is all set. Now take those baby steps by just focusing on the day at hand and you will be well on your way to a successful weight loss routine. Just remember as with any fitness and nutrition program get a complete physical from your doctor prior to starting.

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