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Mesothelioma Survivors Diet


Mesothelioma Survivors Diet

Methylated halothanes

Methylated halothane, or MTHs, contaminate many commonly used materials, including asbestos. They can harm the health of patients with mesothelioma and should be avoided. There are several ways to prevent MTHs in food and drinks. 

First, be cautious when handling food. The disease and treatment process can weaken the immune system, which makes patients more susceptible to foodborne illnesses. Additionally, food poisoning symptoms can mimic cancer treatment's side effects.


A low-calorie, plant-forward diet can help patients battle the disease. Meat and dairy can cause increased inflammation and worsen the outcomes of mesothelioma. Cutting down on sugar-loaded foods will help the immune system and increase energy. Keeping away from alcohol and smoking is also essential. These can lower your disease-free survival time.

Symptoms of mesothelioma can cause weight loss, and patients often experience difficulties eating, drinking, and sleeping. You can get support from the Cancer Council if you have these problems. Talking with a doctor about your treatment options can help ease your fears and reduce anxiety. Your doctor can also prescribe medication to help you eat. It would help if you continued to eat foods you can tolerate, but you may also want to add liquid meal supplements or juices to your diet.

Although your symptoms of mesothelioma disease, a balanced diet, and a physical activity routine can help you improve your quality of life and fight the disease. Remember to follow your doctor's orders and listen to your body. Your doctor can guide you through creating a diet plan that will work best for you.

A high-protein diet may help you to fight off the disease. Besides preventing symptoms of mesothelioma, eating a high-protein diet may help you recover more quickly. In addition to eating more protein, it may also help you avoid malnutrition.

A healthy diet of fiber and whole grains may help you maintain normal metabolism. A balanced diet also enables you to manage fatigue and the side effects of the treatment. High-fiber and high-calorie foods can also help you maintain your weight. Additionally, certain foods rich in vitamins and minerals may help your body fight infection and cancer-related fatigue.

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